Welcome to my site, fellow travellers. I am Derek Sapphire, healer, activist and guru. Many of you would be familiar with my old blog.

By writing it I was waging a (peaceful) war against the Great McSatan (AmeriKKKa) and its 51st state (Australia) and their appalling right-wing toadies in the Australian media. As we all know they completely dominate the landscape here and it's almost impossible for anyone on the left to get a word in edgewise! Take the way these denialists have bullied those warning of the dangers of catastrophic climate change. They simply do not allow any other views to be expressed!

Their censoriousness really wore me down. My blog posting frequency declined until I stopped completely! I was so spiritually sapped that I needed a good long break. So I retreated (but not in a cowardly way) to my isolation tank. There I rested for many months, replenishing my spiritual energy.

Now, finally, I am back with a (forgiving) vengeance! Instead of just a blog, I decided to have an actual website. Since I have long been appalled by capitalism, I decided some serious culture jamming was in order. Much as our Afro-American brethren (and sistren) take that appalling "n" word and make it their own, I would take the medium of ecommerce and use it for the good of all non human persons (animals) and non animal creatures (people).

So, this site will deconstruct, and then reconstruct, in a Gaia-friendly fashion, the whole essence of capitalism. To that (non-linear) end I will use it to sell - or rather provide, with an expectation of fiscal compensation - my services as a green healer and cultural change facilitator. (The photo below shows my patented spiritual healing technique, which is a variation of this form of transcendental meditation. I call it yogic lying. It is an extremely potent method of ridding negative energy from a work or living space, and can even vastly improve the karma of all those present within it afterward.) 

I have been joyfully offering these products and services to the more culturally and spiritually aware, left-leaning, Greens-voting members of our community for quite some time already, and with great success! So you can be sure that they are of the highest quality and utmost spiritual purity.

At the moment I am too busy working with artists in Fremantle, so these services are unavailable presently. But when I do start to offer them again you will not be disappointed, I can assure you! Just think, if you are feeling sapped, appalled, and generally morose about the number of appalling right-wing Gaia-phobes, climate change deniers and rapacious capitalist scam merchants in our midst, you will be able to browse this site for exactly what your spirit needs, and purchase a cure with the click of a mouse. If that's not a bargain, I don't know what is!

And even if you do not wish to make a purchase, you are welcome to the many pearls of wisdom to be found in my new blog, which is completely free of charge (at least for now).

I can perform my yogic lying service at your home or office for a very reasonable fee - no more than a few thousand dollars. Specific details TBA.

PS: Please note that the appalling Perth blogger and blowhard Matt Hayden has been spreading rumors that I am an attempt at comedy or satire; some kind of humorous character; a fictional construction. I can assure you this is simply not true. Much as Hayden and his conservative cohorts would wish otherwise, I do actually exist fully in the terrestrial plane.

PPS: If you wish to contact me I can be reached on guidinglight at this domain.


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