Fellow travellers, I should just post an update about my new location: I am now living in the charming, creative and very tolerant city of Fremantle, which is just south of Perth, in Western Australia.

I came over here at the behest of the Department of Culture and the Arts. They want me to contribute my deep spiritual, cultural and creative insights to various long term artistic projects.

I will go into details about these later. But suffice to say I am overjoyed to be in such a lovely place, and made so welcome by the local community.

My animal companion Jocelyn is, too. In fact, she and I recently indulged in some impromptu cat dancing for the benefit of the department. Needless to say they found it a joyful and edifying experience.

It is a lovely feeling to be so welcomed, and also to know that all my living expenses are met by the department for the entire time that I am here. The arts community here is really an oasis, especially considering how how utterly vile, right-wing, racist, and environmentally unfriendly the rest of WA is.