We all radiate energy. Some enlightened souls are capable of harnessing it, and through various stages of "yogic flying" can actually hover above the ground.

However, I am far more spiritually evolved than even these yogis. So rich and powerful is my energy - and so completely am I in tune with it - that I am always resisting the urge to levitate.

The closer I get to the ground, the more energy I radiate. It is a process similar to fusion. However, the energy I create is not so much nuclear, as new and clear. And I call this process yogic lying.

Since I am such a generous and loving soul, I offer these yogic lying packages:

In the first, I come to your home or office and lie down for a few minutes. I cover my face with white paint, which I have found to focus the energy that I am radiating, particularly from my third eye. I call this a little white lie.

At other times a greater amount of energy is required, and over a wider area. So I wash my face clean and take all my clothes off. Then I lie down for an hour or so. I call that one a big, naked bare-faced lie.

And you know what I've discovered? The bigger the lie, the greater the number of people who'll buy it!