Fellow traveller Graham Readfern has bravely written a searingly insightful article about the preponderance of appalling white male peenie wavers in the climate change denialist camp.

But we have long known about this phenomenon haven't we fellow travellers? White male conservatives are past masters when it comes to bigotry. Not only are they climate change denialists, but they are invariably sexist, racist, homophobic and fattist as well. But of their numerous prejudices it's their misogyny that is most severe -- not least because nature is fundamentally female, created and nurtured by Gaia, the earth goddess.

Take Alan Jones. Not only does he steadfastly deny the irrefutable evidence of climate change; he obviously loathes and detests women, particularly those in power. Brazenly and on air he has even seriously exhorted his sheeple to kidnap the Prime Minister, put her in a hessian bag, and then throw her out to sea!

It's deeply offensive that this vile, deeply sexist incitement to violence against our elected Prime Minister has not gone unpunished. Still, it's hardly surprising considering how ACMA is dominated by the patriarchy as well!

Then there's the denialist Tony Abbott. I'd call him a dinosaur if that term weren't so speciesist (not to mention a violation of the rights of the dead). Not only does he think climate change is "absolute crap", but he's also a denier of female life itself, as his opposition to abortion so clearly attests. That's why it was perfectly in keeping with his character for him to appear in front of a sign describing Gillard as a witch. (Actually, he probably wrote it himself!)

No wonder all the women in Australia hate his guts. (Well, all except the conservative ones, of course. But they're just participating in their own oppression, as we all know. So they're not really women in the truest sense of the word.)

Then there's Barnaby Joyce. A conservative white male with a seriously red neck, this denialist yokel would be comical if he weren't so dangerous. Take the vicious monstering he gave sassy sister Alex Sloan on ABC radio, which was so snearingly cited by this appalling organ of the phallocentric, phone hacking News Ltd:

Joyce: I believe the climate changes all the time. I believe in the work of Professor John Christie and Professor Roy Spencer. Do you believe all scientist believe in global warming?

Sloan: I look to scientists who have been peer reviewed, Barnaby Joyce.

Joyce: Do you believe Roy Spencer and John Christie were members of the IPCC, Alex?

Sloan: Barnaby Joyce, let me go to . . .

Joyce: Because they were. They were the lead atmospheric scientists of the IPCC. Why don't you read their stuff?

Sloan: It's not because I choose not to. Barnaby Joyce, we lean on the peer review system in this country and in the world in terms of scientists. And that is about scientists asking questions of other scientists.

Joyce: I've just given you two IPCC scientists and you've said that you don't recognise their work.

Joyce: Do you believe that this tax will have any effect on the climate?

Sloan: (four seconds of silence). Barnaby Joyce, what I suppose we're being told . . .

Joyce: Well, why won't you answer that question?

Sloan: Well, probably yes.

Joyce: You're the only person in Australia who believes that.

Actually no, Barnaby. I and many others do as well, the brave Graham Readfern among them! You see, unlike you and your ilk, we are actually in touch with our feminine sides. Which is why we have accepted the theory of human caused climate change as fact (which it is, of course).

And can you imagine Joyce speaking in such an aggressive and insulting way to another male? Of course you can't. Really, these people are as sexist as they are simple-minded.