Fellow travellers, I'm sure you are as appalled as I am about the treatment of Christine Nixon by Rupert Murdoch's hate media. Both the Herald Sun and The Australian have pursued the poor woman relentlessly over her "hands off" handling of the Victorian bushfire crisis. It's completely obvious to any thinking, feeling person that if a man were to have done much the same thing as Nixon on Black Saturday there would be little complaint - less still if he were not deemed "overweight" by a society that forces women to starve themselves to appease the sadistic phallocentric lookism of peenie-waving patriarchs.

And don't take my word for it. Interviewed on 3AW, Greg Davies of the Police Association made it perfectly clear that's why she had to go:

"The only person who destroyed Christine Nixon's reputation was Christine Nixon," Mr Davies said. "Criticisms that were levelled at her were for what she did to the police force here in trying to turn it into something that she thought would have been lovely for everyone, and in effect emasculated it, and for the appalling way in which she didn't deal with this state's biggest-ever crisis back on Black Saturday."

Got that. She emasculated it. In other words: It's because she was a woman.

Why HREOC does not order Mr Davies to undergo gender awareness training for that comment alone is a mystery to me; and why he is not immediately made to shave off that grotesquely macho handlebar moustache is an even bigger one!

Sadly, it just goes to show what we on the left know only too well: Western society is still dominated by viciously misogynistic paleo-conservatives determined to oppress women at all costs. And perhaps the most powerful of all these men is Rupert Murdoch himself.

So eeevilly complete is his domination of the media that even Leigh Sales - an employee of the ABC, and a woman many would say is a left-wing feminist - takes the Murdochian line in an interview with Nixon:

Sales: But, if you -- to go back to the bushfires, if you hadn't made those misjudgments, if you hadn't gone out to dinner, if you hadn't failed to inform yourself, if you hadn't failed to check the warnings being given to communities, then those newspapers would have had nothing to criticise you over. So I come back to the point: is it not your own fault to begin with?

Appalling, isn't it, fellow travellers? Really, how dare she say such a thing!

You know, I wouldn't be surprised if one of Murdoch's henchpeople actually lit the match that started those fires, just so that ultimately Nixon could be vilified by his newspapers ... No, I wouldn't be surprised at all.