Greetings fellow travellers! Yes, it is I, Derek Sapphire! I have returned to the blogosphere after a very long hiatus.

Now, I know that you are all overjoyed that I have returned to social media to do my part in the ongoing campaign to deconstruct that appalling amalgam (amalegam?) of misogyny, racism and Gaiaphobia otherwise known as "Western Civilization". And I'm sure you are curious as to where I have been all this time ... 

Well, all I can say right now is that I retreated to my isolation tank for some much needed spiritual regeneration. I won't go into the details in this post. But I may well do so in a subsequent one.

Right now there are more urgent matters to attend to. I am fully aware that Gaia and all Her joyous creations -- female, male, trans and whatever other gender they may choose to be -- desperately need my awesome abilities as a peaceful soldier in their loving war against mankind. Selflessly, I offer them. 

So, to the issue at hand: chalk.

Now, as I'm sure you are well aware this has become the newest tool in the alt-right's armoury. All across America on campuses and other places where loving leftists have managed to establish some kind of order, harmony and sanity these classist, racist rednecks have been scrawling demented slogans of adulation for their idiot idol Donald Trump.

These sickening acts of verbal violence have caused much pain and suffering. But rather than desist, and apologize for their barbarism, the heartless perpetrators roll with laughter at their helpless victims. Their obscene, sadistic gloating has been heard all through Twitter, a platform they dominate in the most vicious and unscrupulous manner possible.

Their hashtag of hate #TheChalkening quickly went viral and countless MRA dudebros added their own variations on this cruel "joke". Even some of their number here in Australia joined in. (TRIGGER WARNING)

Now, the sadistic scrawlings that testosteroids such as Herr Hayden found so amusing would be oppressive enough even if they were written in ink. But the choice of weapon is what makes them even more ghastly. 

Chalk is a truly evil substance all on its own. Its main component -- calcium carbonate -- is made from the decomposition of countless plankton skeletons. It is not so much a fossil fuel as a fossil tool. It, like oil, comes from the rape of Gaia! 

The horror is compounded when you consider the subliminal patriarchal implications of the phallic shape of chalk sticks. Then there's the fact that white is the most frequently used colour for chalk. And it's used on black boards, of course. 

The message may be subtle here. But it is clear nonetheless: Those of Western European descent must remain the possessors and communicators of knowledge, while those with African ancestors are merely passive objects whose fate is written upon them.

And people think that bursting into tears upon seeing the words (TRIGGER WARNING) "Trump 2016!" when entering a class is some kind of overreaction? 

I mean really. Check your privilege!

Appalling. Just appalling