Oh joy! Joy and cat dancing! The racist hate mongering trollumnist Andrew Bolt has been silenced at last!

This is wonderful thing for democracy, fellow travellers. (And by that I mean authentic democracy, not the shamocracy endorsed by conservatives.)

But of course you all know that. To say so is practically preaching to the converted (but not in a Christian way, of course).

Needless to say, Bolt sees the guilty verdict as something sinister. In his usual eeevil and highly emotive way, he frames his legal loss as a "freedom of speech" issue.

But as our brave and brilliant fellow traveller Julian Burnside so searingly tweeted:

#Bolt's case was not about free speech. It was about misuse of journalism to vilify and defame by trashing the truth


It was not about freedom of speech. It was because Bolt was mean and nasty and he twisted the facts.

Disturbingly, some progressives have defended Bolt. And on freedom of speech grounds to boot! But what are they afraid of?

I mean, when has anyone on the left ever been mean and nasty and twisted the facts? That just never happens. I have racked my brains but I just can't think of any examples. Can you?

I thought not.

Rather than being disturbed by this judgement, all Australians of goodwill and compassion should be comforted by it. Put simply, if you are not mean and nasty and don't twist the facts, you have nothing to fear.

But those Australians who are, and do? Well, I say to you: be afraid. Be very afraid (and I mean that in a loving way, of course).

It's upsetting to know that many Australians are outraged by this guilty verdict, seeing it as a threat to democracy (well, their simplistic idea of it, anyway). Don't they know that Judge Mordecai Bromberg made the decision for their benefit? Really, these people just don't know what's good for them.

It just goes to show how completely they have been brainwashed by Bolt and his ilk (hello Janet Albrechtsen, Miranda Devine, Alan Jones and all the rest!). All the more reason to keep these vicious blowhards muzzled.

Quite simply, the great unloofahed wouldn't be so appallingly racist (and sexist, homophobic and speciesist) if they didn't have these attitudes instilled in them by conservatives. These tragic knuckle dragging redneck Neanderthal subhumans in the suburbs must be purged of their hatred. The court's decision shows that the attitudinal reconstruction project is well underway.

So, there will be many (peaceful) battles ahead, fellow travellers, but we have won a great victory already. And we must press on with our radical agenda. We must continue to give the voiceless a voice (by devoicing those whose voices are vile). The result will be more speech, not less.

So, the court's decision is about freedom of speech after all. Exactly because it isn't. That's a seeming paradox that the tiny conservative mind (and heart) just can't seem to fathom. They just don't get it, do they?

Much as they surely wouldn't get Burnside's other insightful tweet:

#Bolt just found where #freespeech gives way to honesty, where #racism gives way to tolerance

Yes, those of us who can see that the idea there should be "one standard, one standard for all" is just more racist deceit, can see the wisdom in Burnside's words.

Intolerance must not be tolerated. We must limit free speech in order to nurture it.

Makes perfect sense to me. Only those who are mean and nasty and twist the facts could possibly have a problem with it.