Fellow travellers, I'm sure that many of you have witnessed this graphic Youtube clip of a mountain bike rider being hit by an antelope while bicycling through the South African wilderness.

Of course most of those who are indoctrinated with so-called "rational" discourses, and who are not in tune with nature believe that this was some sort of freaky random accident.

But we know better, don't we? Watch it closely. Would that sure-footed, graceful animal make such a clumsy mistake? Of course not. It was clearly an attack! This brave animal was protecting her pristine environment, fighting off an intruder.

Speaking of which, a similar attack has occurred here in Western Australia. A Manjimup woman has been attacked by a kangaroo while walking in the bush.

Again, this is seen as a bizarre happening, completely unrelated to other events. But is it really?

It's quite significant that it has occurred so recently after the well publicized antelope incident. Could the kangaroo have learned about it and been inspired to commit her own sassy act of defiance?

If so, how did she learn about the antelope attack?

Of course animals are capable of telepathy across vast distances. That's how they warn each other about earthquakes and other "natural" disasters. (I use inverted commas because as we all know they're hardly natural anyway, invariably being caused by human activity.) So, a meeting of minds is possible.

But there's another, more intriguing possibility ...

Many have spoken about how the young people of Egypt and Libya and other middle eastern countries used social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to bring on the "Arab Spring".

Could our feisty fellow travellers across the genetic divide be doing something similar? Are they using YouTube to bring about their own Gaian global uprising?

Stranger things have happened. And it's certainly something to ponder -- indeed to hope for, don't you think?