Fellow travellers, as you are probably already well aware the rancid right-wing reaches of the blogopshere are most idignant about this searingly insightful survey conducted by UWA anthropologist Farida Fozdar. This proves beyond any shadow of a doubt what so many of us on the left have long felt: racism, flag waving and car driving are all inextricably linked. And why wouldn't they be? They all spring from that appalling, unquenchable drive in the white male psyche to dominate, rape, exploit and pillage.

As we've long known, all white males are deeply racist. But those from working class outer suburbs are more so. Living in traditional Christian families in their grotesque McMansions in the outer suburbs, they are far from the enlightening influence of a university education. These brawny, brainless yobbos grow up utterly convinced of their own superiority over anyone who is not white, male and heterosexual. Combined with this disturbing elitism, they are inculcated into the Cult of the Car by their fathers, who are all racist, homophobic, wife-beating misogynists as well.

Safely ensconced in their metal skins, they become completely disconnected from nature. Worse, by being so dependent on the fossil fuels needed to power these monstrous mobile phalluses, they associate their own power with the plundering of the Earth for oil. And just as they glory in their flagrant Gaia-phobia, they learn loathing of all those people who, completely unlike them, live in harmony with nature. Needless to say, most of these people are non-white. So racism is the inevitable result.

They also learn to compete with each other in their vehicles in a relentless quest for white alpha male domination. The racists are also racers!

Then there are the flags. It goes without saying that the Australian flag is in itself a vile symbol of racism. Frankly, any display of it should be made illegal. (Unfortunately this is not presently the case. That is why it is heartening and empowering to know that it is burned often when progressives assemble. The carbon emission these immolations produce are a small price to pay for the loving message of tolerance of diversity they convey to the great unloofahed.)

So this placing of the flag on a gas guzzling muscle car is a clear and aggressive display of the driver's sense of superiority over, and hatred of, anyone who is not like him: namely environmentally aware, female, gay, non-white, or Muslim -- or any combination thereof.

But of course we all knew that already. Still, it's nice to have our views confirmed by such an elegantly conceived, rigorously conducted and completely objective scientific study.