Now that justice has actually been served in the Carnita Matthews case, the right-wing racists and xenophobes are using the decision as justification to launch a new hate campaign! They have renewed their demands to have the burqa banned. Really, the gall of these Islamophobes is almost beyond belief.

Often, they cite the argument that it is oppressive to women. Excuse me! These are the same people who openly tell (and laugh at) blonde jokes! Can you believe the hypocrisy, fellow travellers? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black (and I don't mean that in a racist way, of course).

But as well as this utterly fatuous assertion, they deviously claim that the garment can be used to conceal one's identity. And, like this coarse commenter "R Plantagenet", equate it with a balaclava:

Hi JC What is the difference if I went around in a balaclava, my religion of "criminality" says I must do this.

Just see the reaction to a stunt done by the chasers wearing stockings over their heads.

People at certain times need to be identified by authorities as part of their job, lift the secretrecy and do not try to hide behind the fabric.

Well, "R Plantagenet" if that is your real name, which I seriously doubt, maybe you should stop trying to hide behind your silly moniker while commenting on right-wing rants by the appalling Jeff Corbett. Then, once identified, you can be legally required to undergo cultural sensitivity training.

But just since you raise this whole issue of the balaclava: If we are to ban the burqa, then surely balaclavas must be outlawed as well, shouldn't they? Hmm? Hmm? 

Oh, but lookee here. Balaclavas can still be bought openly online.

Gee, I wonder why that is? Oh silly me, I forgot! It's because white people do it, isn't it? So that makes it all okay.

Well, if I had my way, I'd firstly make the burqa legal. I'd also make right-wingers be forced to wear it. Then I would ban balaclavas. And not only that, I'd ban the suburb Balaclava as well.

Oh but I'm not allowed to say that, am I? Oh, no, no, no, no! Balaclava is home to Melbourne's Orthodox Jewish community, isn't it? And they're special, aren't they?

It's just so unjust. And wouldn't you know, but the same people who would say Australia should preserve Balaclava are the ones calling for a ban on the burqa.

Really, fellow travellers, their extreme hatred of people from one part of the Middle East is just insane. And I mean that in an anti-Zionist way, not an anti-Semitic way, of course. (After all, to paraphrase sassy sister Mira Adler-Gillies, the possible elimination of the suburb of Balaclava does not imply the elimination of Melbourne's Jews.)