Fellow travellers, I am deeply disturbed by the election result in Victoria. The Liberals seem to have won! And as Bob Brown said it was also the Liberal Party's fault that the Greens didn't win a seat. We would have had several now if not for Ted Baillieu's appallingly unprincipled decision.

Of course, evil capitalists and nature rapers will be rubbing their clammy hands with glee. It's a truly distressing outcome for human and non-human Victorians, as well as for the environment globally.

And it's made even more disappointing by the fact that for a while there Victoria was one of the most environmentally friendly states in Australia. Labor was moving forward with that visionary desalination plant at Wonthaggi. And they were on track to ultimately close the power station at Hazelwood.

Of course the bogans, hicks and other assorted human flotsam were all up in arms about much higher prices for utilities. But an extra grand or so a year is a small price to pay when doing so will help save the planet. Really, why were these people allowed to vote? Democracy should only be made available to those enlightened enough to appreciate it, and use it wisely and for the planet's good.

But they were allowed to vote, unfortunately. And look at the result! So now with an appalling right wing peenie waver in power Labor's visionary plans may well be scrapped entirely. Gaia will not be amused, I can assure you. And She may punish the state with another natural disaster. So if there are more catastrophic bushfires this summer, well, it will be on your head, Ted!