It's truly disturbing to see how the hate media works, fellow travellers. After Tony Abbott brazenly incited the Australia Day race riot that put the Prime Minister's life in peril, they are now desperately trying to sheet home blame to Gillard's own office, as well as the union movement! The gall of these people simply beggars belief.

The accusations were first aimed at Gillard staffer Tony Hodges. That was bad enough. But now they are pointing the finger at union official Kim Sattler.

There's that old standby again: Blame the woman!

These people are so predictable, aren't they? But it just goes to show how prejudice is usually a "package deal". Wherever you find racism, you'll almost always find sexism, homophobia, Gaia-phobia and other forms of conservative and patriarchal hatred as well.

The idea that they would try to implicate this brave, warmhearted woman -- whose only concern is for the oppressed and downtrodden of the Earth -- is too appalling for words. And it's made doubly so by the fact that Gillard herself was so concerned about Abbott's welfare when Canberra's The Lobby Restaurant was surrounded.

Surely, her compassion knows no bounds. I mean, Abbott himself whipped up the crowd with his clearly provocative comments about how the Aboriginal Tent Embassy should be bulldozed, the protestors imprisoned, and the children stolen. And the Prime Minister made sure that her security officers protected him before her!

Imagine if the situation had been reversed (which of course would never actually happen, because Gillard would simply not be capable of something so cynical, manipulative and dishonest). Can you imagine the budgie smuggling pugilist being so worried about her welfare? Of course not.

I never thought I'd say this fellow travellers, but I do think we have to accept that our deeply compassionate, ethical, and forgiving approach just isn't working anymore.

Time for us to say: No more Mr Nice Guy (and Girl)! Really, the fate of the nation (and the planet, for that matter) depend on it.