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Could the royal wedding Chaser ban be the monarchy's undoing?

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Friday, April 29, 2011,
I'm sure you'll all agree that the Chaser team is the most searingly brilliant satirical comedy troupe working in TV today. Every one of their pranks and sketches is astonishingly courageous, gut-bustingly funny, and deeply thought provoking. I still think that their renowned APEC stunt in which Chas Licciardello dressed up as Osama bin Laden was the greatest moment in comedy history. Talk about speaking truth to power - and hilariously!

They could easily have just retired then and there, and ...
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The Alene Composta story: an alternative narrative

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Saturday, March 19, 2011,
As you all well know, the great unloofahed are quite happy to accept the first plausible, linear narrative offered to them as valid, then discount any other perspectives completely. But we see things more deeply, spiritually and compassionately don't we, fellow travellers? That's why we come to very different and more searingly insightful conclusions on so many issues.

Take the case of global warming. Climate change denialists pointed out that carbon dioxide had been present in much higher co...
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Regarding my "unmasking" as a satire

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Tuesday, January 18, 2011,
Well, well, well. Isn't the blogosphere interesting?

As an indirect consequence of this blog's mention in Rupert's mean little rag, rumours have started to circulate that I am a satirical construction created by the loathsome conservative blowhard Matt Hayden. Sadly, these claims have come from the left. I can't deny it, that hurts.

I am not a satire. I am as real as anyone walking the planet (and certainly more authentic than most!).

Those pushing the claim cite the inclusion of the words "come...
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Rap News, Julian Assange and the News World Order

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Wednesday, December 22, 2010,
Fellow travellers, being as philosophically, politically and spiritually evolved as I am, it's very rare that I can actually speak highly of another human being. But I certainly can in the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Frankly, the more I learn about him, the more impressed I am. While he's not in my league - and never will be, of course - he's certainly getting quite close.

Not only is he a brilliant computer hacker who has made complete fools of the entire Western world and all ...
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Kristina Wong's green themed comedy is no laughing matter

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Saturday, November 20, 2010,
Fellow travellers, one thing that has perturbed me deeply recently is that more and more people are starting to poke fun at the environmentalist agenda! And I don't just mean appalling peenie-waving conservatives. They've been mocking us for many years now. But since they are so literal-minded and simplistic (unlike we on the left, who are so complex, sophisticated and ironic) their "comedy" and "satire" always falls flat.

No, the thing that really worries me is that now some on the progressiv...
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I am divine, but not in an elitist way

Derek Sapphire
Derek Sapphire

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