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Occupy Wall St, Sydney and Fremantle!

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Saturday, October 15, 2011,
Fellow travellers, of course you will all be aware of the courageous rebellion that is occurring in the eeevil capitalist command centre of AmeriKKKa's dark heart. By making good their threat to occupy Wall Street those brave left-wing activists are offering the millions of people watching a clear alternative. Even people who have never been political their entire lives are surely thinking: "There is a valid alternative to global capitalism after all. And these protestors are it!"

The movement...
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Dalai Lama's visit to Perth, Fremantle provokes right-wing sneering

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Saturday, June 18, 2011,
His Holiness the Dalai Lama is now here in Fremantle, and will speak in Perth tomorrow. While his visit to Australia (and previously, the USA) has been met with much love, joy and celebration from the more compassionate among us, hard-hearted right-wingers and conservatives continue to find fault with him.

For example, they really pounced on his admission that he is a Marxist. They despise that compassionate ideology anyway, and also seem to think that being proudly left-wing is someh...
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Thoughts on the pro and anti carbon tax rallies in Sydney

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Sunday, April 3, 2011,
Fellow travellers, there has been much talk in the media about recent anti carbon tax rallies. One increasingly common angle is that they have been the result of a genuine grass roots movement of working class Aussies angry about Julia Gillard's "lies".

This is obviously not the case. As we all know, the great unloofahed are overwhelmingly shiftless and apathetic. You couldn't rouse them with a cattle prod. All they want to do is stare blankly at their plasma televisions and guzzle McMuffins a...
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Gillard's attack on the Greens leaves us hurt and bewildered in Fremantle

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Friday, April 1, 2011,
Fellow travellers, I'm really starting to wonder what is going on in our PM's mind at the moment. Her behaviour does seem to be very odd. I mean, she's just attacked her official partners in government with some astonishingly extreme and false claims. She's clearly trying to create a real perception of difference between Labor and the Greens in the tiny minds of the great unloofahed.

Here is some of what she said:

The Greens will never embrace Labor's delight at sharing the values of everyday...
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Now living in Fremantle and working with local artists

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Sunday, December 5, 2010,
Fellow travellers, I should just post an update about my new location: I am now living in the charming, creative and very tolerant city of Fremantle, which is just south of Perth, in Western Australia.

I came over here at the behest of the Department of Culture and the Arts. They want me to contribute my deep spiritual, cultural and creative insights to various long term artistic projects.

I will go into details about these later. But suffice to say I am overjoyed to be in such a lovely place,...
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I am divine, but not in an elitist way

Derek Sapphire
Derek Sapphire

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