Fellow travellers, of course you will all be aware of the courageous rebellion that is occurring in the eeevil capitalist command centre of AmeriKKKa's dark heart. By making good their threat to occupy Wall Street those brave left-wing activists are offering the millions of people watching a clear alternative. Even people who have never been political their entire lives are surely thinking: "There is a valid alternative to global capitalism after all. And these protestors are it!"

The movement has accumulated so much impetus already that a similar event has been organized in Sydney. As I write this blog post, an Australian version of the protest is occurring in Martin Place, the financial heart of that city. Australian law enforcers have a shameful record when it comes to handling such events. So I can only hope and pray (to Gaia) that no appalling violence occurs as the Occupy Sydney protest unfolds. But if I does, we know who'll be to blame, won't we, hmm?

Actually, I was so inspired by the idea that along with some of my local activist friends I started to plan a simultaneous "Occupy Fremantle" protest to be held this weekend as well.

We got together in the last few days to work out where we could hold it. We talked enthusiastically for hours, but couldn't actually decide on a building outside which we could hold our demonstration. You see, it had to be both symbolic of corporate greed and located in, or near, the city centre. We thought of various banks like the Commonwealth and Westpac. But unfortunately they would be closed on the weekend. There would be no oppressive and unethical commerce to disrupt. We thought of then camping out in the front yard of one of the wealthier residents of Fremantle. But all the people who came to mind were known to vote for Labor or the Greens.

It was then that we realized that we had already won the battle against capitalism here -- we had been occupying Fremantle all along!

While this realization gave us a deep sense of satisfaction, it was also a little disconcerting for some of our number. This was because the original US protest began as part of a "day of rage". They felt that by enjoying a sense of inner peace over our great victory we were not being totally faithful to the sentiments of our movement's instigators. Being far more spiritually evolved than my friends, I was of course completely beyond suffering any such emotional confusion.

But I was concerned for their well-being, and decided that they were in need of spiritual recalibration. I gave those suffering most intensely a quick bath in the fluid fruits of my creative sneezing. Covered in my healing green essence, they quickly snapped out of their despairing mood and were grounded, centered, and back in the moment once again.