Fellow travellers, I have been informed that one of my blog posts has been mentioned in The Australian's Cut and Paste section. For those of you who don't know, it's a sad little corner of that wretched rag that was accurately dubbed a "daily compendium of schadenfreude and spleen" by Robert Manne.

From my experience in the blogosphere and elsewhere I know what those who read (and write) papers like The Australian think of people who care deeply about humanity, the planet and the future - and who can see through all the misinformation out there and perceive what's really going on. They see us as "kooks", "cranks" and "moonbats".

That's why they've mentioned myself, Robyn Williams, and our Tim Flannery together. It's a devious and cowardly attempt to make us all look silly by association.

Well, I hate to disappoint them. Anyone with any compassion and intelligence can see that it actually does the opposite! Frankly I'm honoured to be included with such brilliant, big-hearted visionaries. Together we are strong.

Fight the power!