Fellow travellers, we all know that big business is full of appalling peenie-waving testosteroids who despise women and nature in equal measure. But most of the time they aren't overt about it. And if you do point out how sexist they are, they will invariably deny it. Sadly, most of the Great Unloofahed and even many in the media accept these furtive protestations as the truth.

But sometimes their appalling misogyny is so brazen and clear that no amount of obfuscation could possibly suffice! Take the naming of a massive gas project in the ocean off the West Australian Coast. It is called the Gorgon gas project. As we all know the word "Gorgon" is used to describe a "woman regarded as ugly or terrifying".

No need to "join the dots" with this one. There's already a thick black line between them.

Appalling. Just appalling.