Fellow travellers, as one who regularly forces himself to read right-wing blogs to learn as much as possible about the change-fearing, febrile mindset of our collective enemy, I thought I'd seen it all. But no, today I read something that was even more appalling and bizzare than even the worst rantings of Tim Blair (on whose blog I found it, BTW).

It's a truly psychotic diatribe against our Bob Brown by an attitudinally unreconstructed Queenslander called Robyn Wuth. Some of the lines are so ill-informed as to be beyond parody.

She begins by vilifying an entire state:

I BLAME Tasmania.

Incredible, isn't it? But then, it's just the sort of reactionary bile we've come to expect from the redneck-rich Deep North.

She goes on:

Tree huggers, hang your unwashed beards in shame.

Thanks for tarring us all with the same brush, Robyn. But I'll have you know that I proudly identify as a tree hugger, and I don't even have a beard. Also, I just had a shower this morning. So, I don't know where you get your information from, but it's not very accurate. (You know, like that claim that we all drink lattes. Where did that one come from, hmm?)

Then, she starts ranting that we greenies live in houses built entirely from twigs and drive "hemp-powered motor cars". I don't even need to start explaining why these claims are utterly ridiculous.

She goes on to slander Bob Brown as a crazy opportunist exploiting a natural disaster. But I suppose she has to because she simply can't comprehend the truth: that he's a pure-hearted visionary who's completely above politics.

Really, for her to say that he's alerting us to the real cause of Queensland's catastrophic floods (coal mining) out of some craven desire for political gain is just too offensive for words. It's even more callous considering that the dead have not yet been fully counted. For this alone she should hang her head in shame, then resign.

The piece is full of other bizarre assertions, including that the Greens have stopped construction of dams and other major projects out of consideration for the welfare of a single frog and an earthworm.

While it would be wonderful if they had done this, I know of no case when it actually occurred. She's clearly just making this up. But that's about par for the course for News Ltd. "journalists" isn't it? They'll write absolutely anything, because they know their readers will believe it.

Appalling. Just appalling.