Appallingly, the attacks on the great Julian Assange continue. Has any hero been treated more savagely than this great freedom (of information) fighter?

Take these derisive claims about his methods of evading AmeriKKKan assassins in a book put out by The Guardian. (Actually this report is doubly disturbing considering its source. Up to now that newspaper has had a well deserved reputation for speaking truth to power. But maybe it's been infiltrated by the CIA? I think it's highly likely, fellow travellers.)

"You can't imagine how ridiculous it was," WikiLeaks's James Ball told the Guardian.

"He'd stayed dressed up as an old woman for more than two hours."

Ridiculous? Hardly. It just shows that as well as being a hero for democracy - the peace-loving, progressive David who slew the reactionary, war-mongering Goliath - Assange is also a master of disguise. And it also shows he is under no illusions about the eeevil savagery of his enemies. He has long had good reason to believe that the CIA is determined to terminate him, and to do so with extreme prejudice.

And speaking of prejudice: Assange's choice of disguise was notable, since it reveals his deep insights into that sinister organization's patriarchal culture. He knew the CIA was riven with both ageism and sexism, and that this would pervade all of its operational behaviour right down to the last detail. So, just as the top brass would repeatedly overlook all capable and mature females for promotion, its operatives would do the same when seeking suspects. Hence his disguise as an old lady.

It really is nothing short of brilliant. But we've come to expect that from Assange, haven't we? Ever since I saw that searing Rap News video on YouTube I knew he was just as adept at psychological manipulation as he was at computer hacking.

Extraordinary. Just extraordinary.