Fellow travellers, it is with great joy that I finally return to the blogosphere to resume my cyber-activism!

As you all know, I had blogged continually in the past. But ongoing cyber-stalking from the appalling Matt Hayden and other mean-spirited reich-wingers sapped my spiritual reserves until they were almost bone dry. And considering how rich I am in such karmic energy, that's saying something!

During a particularly depressing period, I was reminded of that Buddhist exhortation: surrender and win. At one time I even resolved to do so, but then I thought "Why would I want to win?" To win implies that someone else loses. And I am beyond such tired, Eurocentric, "either/or" dichotomies. They are so hostile and stubborn! (Besides, why would I want to give my enemies the satisfaction!)

So I decided that I would return to blogging one day; I just didn't know when.

So now that that day has finally arrived. And it is good.