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News Ltd's sexist, fattist campaign to destroy Christine Nixon

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Saturday, July 30, 2011,
Fellow travellers, I'm sure you are as appalled as I am about the treatment of Christine Nixon by Rupert Murdoch's hate media. Both the Herald Sun and The Australian have pursued the poor woman relentlessly over her "hands off" handling of the Victorian bushfire crisis. It's completely obvious to any thinking, feeling person that if a man were to have done much the same thing as Nixon on Black Saturday there would be little complaint - less still if he were not deemed "overweight" by a societ...
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Shock jocks, Murdoch's hate media and Anders Behring Breivik

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Tuesday, July 26, 2011,
One thing that we have long known about eeevil right-wing conservatives is that they will never let a crisis (or an atrocity) go to waste. Immediately something horrible happens, they are shamelessly using it to bash their old enemies, even when there is no association whatsoever!

This tendency was accurately pointed out by fellow traveller Mike Stuchbery on Twitter when he revealed the cynical use of the massacre in Norway by you know who:

Andrew Bolt is on the same sick level as Oslo’s madm...
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Was foam pie attacker Jonnie Marbles a Rupert Murdoch stooge?

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Thursday, July 21, 2011,
Fellow travellers, I'm sure that many of you share my disappointment over the recent Murdoch hearings. It looked like we might have finally had the Evil Emperor on the ropes! But sadly, it was not to be. There seems to be a widespread feeling that he acquitted himself well. And then there was that foam pie "attack" on him by comedian and activist "Jonnie Marbles". That has resulted in even more sympathy for the old tyrant.

But was the attack genuine, fellow travellers? As we on the left know ...
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"Brown Town" song parody proves right-wingers have no sense of humour

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Friday, July 1, 2011,
Well, fellow travellers, it's not surprising that planet hating reactionaries who lurk in the right-wing reaches of the blogosphere are all howling with laughter at this parody of Petula Clark's "Downtown". It just says sooo much about these nasty Gaia-phobes and what goes on inside their tiny minds.

Well, apart from being a complete misrepresentation of what Bob Brown and the Greens stand for it's also not at all funny.

And I am an expert in these matters, you know! Not only have I written an...
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I am divine, but not in an elitist way

Derek Sapphire
Derek Sapphire

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