If there's one thing we can count on, fellow travellers, it's the revolting coarseness of the conservative commentariat. Their latest display of utter barbarism was jubilation at the clearly illegal, cold-blooded, extra-judicial murder of Osama bin Laden. This appalling act by the ultimate rogue state, performed deep in the territory of another sovereign nation and without its knowledge or permission defiles us all. Yet Rupert's rotties are calling it a "triumph for freedom".

Can you believe this, fellow travellers? How can the clinical point blank slaughter of one who fought so bravely for freedom be seen as a triumph for it? This fascist act, in which AmeriKKKa was judge, jury and executioner, was not any kind of victory but actually a tragic and crashing defeat. It was a defeat for those who believe in the healing power of love, compassion, and forgiveness (not to mention that most precious quality of all: tolerance). At the risk of sounding a tad speciesist, all of humanity was diminished by it.

The fact that it was Obama who killed Osama made it even more sordid and sad. Here was this seemingly great man who once held our hopes for a kinder, fairer, and more carbon neutral world in his hands. And he has dashed them; dashed them cruelly and violently and with extreme prejudice. Can you believe that he actually watched the murder on video as it happened? Obama himself! Ugh! But believe it we must, fellow travellers. Believe it we must ...

Thankfully, though, there are still some among us with the wisdom and compassion to see the full horror of this senseless violence and condemn those who shamelessly cheered its execution. First there was sassy sister Leslie Cannold, who bravely tweeted:

If we found Arab street repellent when they celebrated 9/11, and I definitely did, how do we justify our celebrations now?
Celebrating death is in poor taste, period.

And for this she has been vilified! But all she was saying was that we should affirm life. That's why I think we should affirm her for saying it. But of course she has form on this. She's nothing if not life affirming, our Leslie, particularly in her feisty pro-choice activism.

(That said, I was a little disturbed that she said she found jubilation after 9/11 repellent. Actually, like so many Muslim taxi drivers did upon hearing of the news, I was overjoyed at the news. Now that was a triumph for freedom!)

Another to stand up to the raging tsunami of blood-lust in the MSM was the wise and empowered Alana Johnson, who said this on Q and A:

I think the really interesting and perhaps disturbing thing about today's events is that no matter what side you're on in a war or a conflict, and this is a just death, I find it disturbing that we actually celebrate it, that it is about death. The images from ground zero in New York and outside the White House of people actually thinking this is a victory is very disturbing because I think it's a really sad comment on us as humanity.

Alana, yougogirl! I couldn't have said it better myself. (Well, everything except the bit about Osama's death being "just". How could the killing of such a great enemy of AmeriKKKa be "just"?) Still, that point aside the sentiment was truly laudible. But again she's been pilloried for it. That's what's so disturbing.

It really makes you wonder where all the flowers have gone, doesn't it? When will they ever learn, fellow travellers? When will they ever learn?