It's hardly surprising that media blowhard Andrew Bolt's predictably aggressive, sensationalist and simplistic tabloid talk show on Ten would rate highly for that Sunday morning time slot. Of course he and his masters and backers (no doubt including the appalling Gina Rinehart) are just over the moon with the figures. It's typical of their thinking: more and bigger is always better.

Well, all it really means is that a bunch of brain dead, racist, climate change denialist warmongers were happy to sit there guzzling their burgers on ostentatious leather couches in their carbon spewing McMansions as their hateful prejudices were confirmed on the massive plasma television screens before them by this ranting egomaniac and his right-wing mates. (And mates is certainly the right word. Notice how all the interviewees and panelists were male, hmm? Where were the women?)

So the figures are not anything to crow about it. Bolt forgets that the the crucial factor is who is watching, not how many. That's why he detests us so much. We have the ear of the most influential in society. And that makes him insanely jealous.

That's why I urge you all to keep monitoring this evil man and his odious propaganda, fellow travellers. Tune in every week without fail. We must expose the dishonesty and deceit of his so-called "reporting". And isn't it just so revealing that he would use that word in the title? He's rehashing that Fox News ruse of "we report, you decide". "Report"? Ha! The Bolt Sermon more like.

And didn't his sheeple just love his TV sermonising, hmm? Particularly at the end of such a wonderful week for them. They've had the Gillard Labor Government pledging a return to the failed, racist HoWARdian border control policies of the past, the extra-judicial killing of OBL. And now there are these large viewer numbers for their favourite right wing demagogue. They must be in redneck heaven!

Well, congratulations, wingnuts. I'm just sooo happy for you.

All I can say is that they should enjoy it while it lasts because the tide will turn again without a doubt. Perhaps al Qaida will make good on their threat to avenge the barbaric murder of their leader by exploding a dirty bomb in a major Western city, hmm? Let's just hope that something like that does occur (and I mean that in a loving way, of course). It might just teach Andrew Bolt and co that there are more important things in life than TV ratings.