Fellow travellers, why am I not surprised that the appalling Andrew Bolt is crying media bias again! This time, he thinks it's unfair that a "joke" told by Tony Abbott (no doubt one he thought was dead, buried and cremated!) has been exhumed and used against him. And why, asks the hateful reactionary, aren't journalists doing the same with aspects of Julia Gillard's earlier life?

Well, it's simply because sassy sister - now PM, and about time - Julia (yougogirl!) has nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of in her past. On the contrary, she should feel only pride over her commitment to left-wing causes and groups. She was moving forward back then, just as she wants us to move forward now.

The only reason that she has not been so forthcoming about these affiliations herself is that she knows the electorate wouldn't quite know how to handle them. They have been so dumbed down and brainwashed after more than a decade of John Howard's appalling capitalist rule that they may become a little perturbed by them. Best not to disturb these poor suburban drones. They can always be gently attitudinally reconstructed later on after she's won the election.

But back to Abbott, and his ugly insult involving Prince Charles and Linda Lovelace: He said it was a joke. But was he reading from a script when he made this claim? Definitely not. And we now know by his own admission that if he's commenting off the cuff his remarks are never "the gospel truth".

From this we can conclude that - surprise, surprise - he was indeed lying! Which means that his Linda Lovelace "gag" wasn't a gag at all, but a mean spirited attack on Prince Charles. (And that doesn't diminish his racist, reactionary monarchist credentials at all. On the contrary, it strengthens them, for it shows that in his mind Prince Charles was not monarchist enough!)

Anyway, even if it were a joke, it's still deeply sexist. Not only was the poor Ms Lovelace cruelly exploited by phallocentric lookists in all manner of ways, she was further violated by countless such supposedly "humorous" remarks. Which is why, fellow travellers, it's not at all unreasonable to say that they contributed to her early death. Tony Abbott, you are a murderer!

Appalling. Just appalling.