Fellow travellers, as we all know, Gaia works in mysterious ways, so it is sometimes difficult to discern what She is trying to communicate to us. (Well, actually it's not that difficult for advanced souls like myself and my feisty feline fellow traveller Jocelyn to know. It's just a challenge for you and your friends. But don't worry, when that is the case we are happy to translate for you.)

But sometimes Gaia sends us a message that is completely unequivocal. This volcanic eruption in Iceland is an example of this.

You see, just recently sassy sisters in Iceland succeeded in their plan to deconstruct the patriarchy by passing a law banning strip clubs.

Gaia, being female, most certainly approved. And she said "Yogogirls!" in the only way she knows how - by doing a dance. And when She dances, the earth really does move! (Ironic that peenie-wavers like to use that expression when describing sexual intercourse - an act that is oppressive to women, and therefore displeasing to Gaia. But then, they would do that, wouldn't they?)

One happy consequence of this joyous eruption is the vast spread of ash throughout the atmosphere. It has grounded countless planes, causing a huge impact on the world economy. Not since the brave acts of those 19 freedom fighters on 9/11 have we seen such an encouraging blow to the appalling scourge of global capitalism. And ultimately this was all because some feisty feminists in Reykjavik had the breadth of vision and sheer courage to say NO! to phallocentric lookism.

There is hope for the planet after all, fellow travellers.