I am starting to get increasingly annoyed about this campaign against our Tim Flannery, fellow travellers. There's a really concerted effort to make him seem like some sort of opportunist because of his various sponsorship arrangements. Can you believe it? Tim Flannery, cashing in on the climate crisis? That's as absurd as saying that Nelson Mandela advocated terrorism.

Why this has even been allowed to happen is beyond me. Frankly, I think even criticising our Tim should be deemed a crime against nature (and humanity). He should just be left alone to save the planet!

But no, the denialists continue with their obscene campaign of hate. They've all seized on this statement he made to Steve Rust, who heads Panasonic Australia.

He told Mr Rust he had had a busy year teaching students and "I've also been carrying the flag for Panasonic in everything else I do, the books I publish, in the television series that I'm making at the moment, and of course in the new position as the chief of the Climate Commission".

This has become such a problem for him he's even had to make a public statement of denial. This clarification would have been enough for most people, but appallingly his detractors have now used it to accuse him of contradiction.

"My association with Panasonic, which sponsors my professorial chair at Macquarie University, has been public and declared from the day I took up my position as Chief Climate Commissioner. There is no conflict of interest between the two roles," Dr Flannery said.

"My comments were made in the context of describing the work I have been doing on educating young Australians about sustainability at Macquarie University.

"To be clear, I have not advocated Panasonic as a company in my public engagements as chief commissioner, nor have I done so in my books or television work."

Dr Flannery did not explain why he had previously said the opposite.

Excuse me. In what way was it the "opposite"? I mean, how is "carrying the flag" for something "advocating" it? Really, these people are just so literal minded it's incredible.

Still, it's hardly surprising. Numerous studies have shown that conservatives are much less mentally flexible than liberals and simply can't understand nuance. And this is just more evidence of that. (Speaking of evidence, they don't like that either. That's why they're all denialists!)

But even if the good professor really were advocating Panasonic that would still be okay. And you know why? Because it's a really eco-friendly company that is wholeheartedly embracing the new paradigm of sustainability. And we know this because our Tim endorses it. He is a deeply compassionate and very rational scientist who has tapped into the mind of Gaia. He simply wouldn't fly the flag for any company that didn't have Her interests at heart, now would he?

So when you think about it a bit more and look at the bigger picture you realize he's not merely advocating Panasonic. He's actually showing his love and support for the Earth Goddess Herself.

And that's what makes it okay. Really, there's never a conflict of interest when you are trying to save the planet. It's always good when you do it for Gaia. And it never is when you do the opposite.

It's quite simple really. You are either for Gaia, or against Her. Even literal-minded conservatives should be able to understand that.