Fellow travellers, why am I not surprised that the appalling Andrew Bolt thinks that our Tim Flannery's latest searing insights into the state of our planet and its potential future are "wild" and (as he said on the radio) "freaky".

But there is nothing unscientific or totalitarian about Professor Flannery's theories. They are clearly logical and undeniably egalitarian. I mean, what could be more fair and equal than a society that does not banish nature and all its teeming life forms as "the other", hmmm?

As we all know, Gaia is wise. And to fuse with Her consciousness (and She is definitely conscious, as Tim has previously explained) will necessarily create a more harmonious planet. Human societies, being so dependent on nature and therefore Gaia, can only benefit. We on the green left have no trouble understanding these liberating concepts. But they clearly require more advanced and compassionate thinking than poor Mr Bolt and his ilk are capable of.

The distinguished professor's metaphor of ant societies is actually a very good one. Yes, we humans are like ants - or at least we have the potential to be. Societies such as Australia's are quite organized, with different castes having different roles and functions. Yet sadly they are also deeply dysfunctional, and quite seriously out of whack.

For example, in the paradigm of broadcasting and mass media, the eeevil, planet-raping conservative mindset so grotesquely displayed in the rantings of Bolt himself is quite established and almost dominant.

But as we inevitably continue to fuse our smaller collective consciousness with Gaia's much larger one, as our Tim is predicting, this sad state of affairs will be reversed. Eventually the toxic deviation from this new awareness will be lovingly absorbed and neutralized and there will be no disagreement whatsoever - particularly when it comes to environmental issues. We will all simply be part of the same wise mind.

Of course this is a gradual, natural process. And we usually shouldn't interfere when nature is doing its work. But this is a special case. We really don't have a minute to waste, fellow travellers. Because of man's appalling rape of the environment, dangerous climate change is already upon us. If we don't combat it with initiatives such as this visionary carbon tax then we could reach that dreaded tipping point and go beyond the point of no return!

That's why we must agitate to silence Bolt and his ilk now! If they get their way, and the carbon tax is defeated, Gaia will simply not want to have anything more to do with us. And the blissful, harmonious utopia that the good professor envisions simply won't occur. So, being restless and agitated about this particular possibility is not only understandable - it's highly recommended.

Yes, fellow travellers, in the grand scheme of things we are all just ants, but some are a lot antsier than others. And a good thing too!