Fellow travellers, recently I wrote of the institutionalized hatred of crocodiles (and women) displayed in the right-wing smearing of Julia Gillard. Quite frankly I think some serious attitudinal reconstruction is in order. So from now on I will use the term "crocodile tears" to describe only completely genuine lachrymosity.

After all, these poor, misunderstood creatures continue to suffer greatly. Some were so traumatized by Cyclone Yasi that "they hid under water and stopped eating". And we all know who to blame for that aberrant weather event now don't we, hmm?

And still, the sliming continues. Take this appalling piece from News Ltd (why am I not surprised?) that attempts to make light of the sale of a saltwater crocodile called Snappy in Geelong.

Not only was the poor thing imprisoned, but he is now being commodified by having a price attached to his head. Yet nobody weeps for Snappy, do they?

Well, nobody except enlightened souls like myself, of course. I had a good long cry over his fate after reading the article. And I can assure you my sadness was genuine. I'm sure that Salty appreciated the support and I exhort you, my fellow travellers, to all shed crocodile tears as well in solidarity.