Fellow travellers, a lamb has been born with a human face.

Gaia has been sending us messages for a long time. And this has to be one of the clearest yet!

As usual, the "scientific" explanation - that the abnormality has been caused by a vitamin A deficiency - is completely inadequate. Look at the photo. How could that face not be trying to tell us something?

And what is the lesson we must learn? Clearly, that sheep are people too! And that we shouldn't exploit them as we do, stealing their wool from them and then callously using their flesh for food. They should be left to gambol naturally in the fields, enjoying the freedom and peace of nature.

And I think that Gaia is also making a more specific political criticism of this push by the appalling Sam Kekovich, Australia's "Lambassador". The timing is significant, don't you think?

Clearly, this is one act of UN related international diplomacy that She simply cannot support.