Fellow travellers, we all know that white male Christian conservatives are seething with inner violence, determined to inflict as much damage upon women, minorities and non-human persons (animals) as possible. The perfect example is that Neanderthal budgie-smuggling pugilist Tony Abbott.

The man is clearly a concentrated ball of hatred and anger. It's obvious every time he appears on the television. There's the always confrontational body language, the patriarchal walk. And his language is just as macho as his demeanor. I mean, he called his book Battlelines, for Gaia's sake!

Remember when he so cruelly trivialized the death of that soldier with his ultra-macho "shit happens" line? Then there was his bizarre reaction when Mark Riley, in what was surely one of the finest moments in Australian television journalism (well, on a commercial station anyway), so bravely reminded him of his appalling insensitivity. Many said that Abbott was very close to throwing a punch. Yes, well, we weren't surprised about that, now were we, fellow travellers?

And what's the latest example of this? Well, he's described the current conflict between Labor and the Greens as a "fake fight". Clearly, he'd much prefer them to have a real and physical one so that he could jump in the ring as well and indulge in his much loved "biffo"!

Really, he doesn't have a compassionate, sensitive, Gaia-loving bone in his body. And the only things he recycles are his punitive, Victorian-era welfare policies.

The man is truly appalling. Just appalling.