As you all well know, the great unloofahed are quite happy to accept the first plausible, linear narrative offered to them as valid, then discount any other perspectives completely. But we see things more deeply, spiritually and compassionately don't we, fellow travellers? That's why we come to very different and more searingly insightful conclusions on so many issues.

Take the case of global warming. Climate change denialists pointed out that carbon dioxide had been present in much higher concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere in the distant past without a commensurate rise in temperatures. "So, how could the two be related?" they sneered. Sadly, the great unloofahed swallowed this lie whole.

But we climate change activists know differently don't we, hmm? There are clearly so many more factors at play including the clear distinction between synthetically, industrially produced CO2 and that which arises from non-human processes in the environment. Clearly, the former is unnatural, and therefore very bad. Contrary to the propaganda spewed out by so-called "scientists" in the pocket of Big Carbon, CO2 is not a "harmless, colourless, odourless gas" but a seriously poisonous form of pollution. This makes Gaia mad as hell, and She's not going to take it anymore!

Sadly, given the great unloofahed's pervasive credulity, the Earth-rapists' narrative is winning. Julia Gillard's proposed carbon tax is losing electoral support by the day. It could be ditched entirely and if it does the planet will pay a terrible price!

And there is a similar phenomenon at work in many other paradigms, both macro and micro. The Alene Composta blog "hoax" is one. Right from the beginning, peenie-waving patriarchs have pushed the line that she was a cyber sock-puppet created by their shadowy cohorts to dupe the ABC. This simplistic interpretation now dominates all others in online news commentary and the blogosphere.

But after much contemplation and analysis I have divined a different explanation, which is this: Ms Composta was a real person - even if she herself did not legally go by that name. Her blog was genuine, as was her submission to The Drum: Unleashed

The ABC is not run by idiots. They are highly professional and media savvy people, with a fine eye for nuance, detail and facts. Remember also that we on the left completely dominate the satire genre. Actually, we own it (but not in a capitalist way). There simply is no conservative satire or comedy in Australia (or any other Western country, for that matter). That's because right-wingers just don't have a sense of humour. And if they do it's always so racist, sexist, homo and Gaia-phobic that it's just not funny!

However because blowhards like Bolt and Blair drew attention to our sassy sister's online opinions and cruelly mocked them, then made snide insinuations that she wasn't actually real, the lie that she was a sock puppet arose and quickly usurped the reality.

Seeing this, and realizing that they had an opportunity to seriously damage the ABC's credibility, right-wing bloggers indulged in an appalling orgy of online point-scoring.

But there was a problem. What if Ms Composta decided to appear in person at the ABC studios at Southbank Boulevard, or call John Faine for a little chat? That would prove that the ABC editorial staff were not the biased bozos they were being portrayed as, and the whole campaign would have been ruined, wouldn't it? The egg, as they say, would have been on the other foot.

So these vicious idealogues decided to "keep the dream meme alive" at all costs - even if doing so resulted in the real Composta's death.

And that is exactly what has happened, fellow travellers. The dreadful suspicions I expressed in my previous post have been confirmed. Alene Composta was murdered, and her blog has now been hijacked by at least one right-wing blogger, probably more. He is a white male (aren't they all?) and I have the evidence to prove it.

Look at the blog in question's most recent post.

Notice the disturbing, malicious aggression in it. This is completely out of character for a woman - particularly one who suffers from agorophobia, and who used to work in "one of the caring professions". The foul and unmistakable odour of testosterone palpably wafts from the screen, does it not? 

And see how stridently "she" rails at the left for their "betrayal" of "her"; a betrayal that involved them pulling "her" sassy piece from the ABC website and then not paying "her".

Firstly, no person of the left ever does anything for the money. It's just not what drives us. But it certainly does drive conservatives. It's one of the few drives they have, actually. (You know, along with lust for power, and the need to oppress and exploit women, minorities, flora and fauna.)

So this purported grievance is just not something that a leftist woman would have. But it would clearly be something that a white male conservative masquerading as one would express, now wouldn't it?

And if that doesn't convince you, note the clearly phallocentric language and value system in use in this revealing passage:

Strictly speaking, this is about much more than media watching. It is about contract law. It is about being stiffed for my $200 publication fee by the national broadcaster.

This attitude is demonstrably patriarchal. White males, being so psychologically inadequate, are defined by their work and think that everything should revolve around their wants and needs. That's why they are so upset when the law "stiffs" them and they don't get paid.

So, the issue is beyond doubt. Ms Composta was disappeared, and her blog is now being written by one or more anonymous white male conservative bloggers. Alene Composta's gender reassignment is the only one that we progressives can, and should, condemn!

But that begs the question. Who are these murderous bloggers? And where is the body?

Well, I have some thoughts on these questions. But I have much online detective work to do, and more paradigm busting analysis to complete.

I will offer you the benefits of my wisdom on this subject again, hopefully soon ...