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News Ltd's sexist, fattist campaign to destroy Christine Nixon

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Saturday, July 30, 2011,
Fellow travellers, I'm sure you are as appalled as I am about the treatment of Christine Nixon by Rupert Murdoch's hate media. Both the Herald Sun and The Australian have pursued the poor woman relentlessly over her "hands off" handling of the Victorian bushfire crisis. It's completely obvious to any thinking, feeling person that if a man were to have done much the same thing as Nixon on Black Saturday there would be little complaint - less still if he were not deemed "overweight" by a societ...
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Kangaroos get revenge at Hanging Rock horse-race hate-fest

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Thursday, January 27, 2011,
Fellow travellers, as international socialists we can all agree that patriotism is an ugly emotion. And it brings out other malignant sentiments, for example the flagrant, insensitive and deeply racist waving of Australian flags (still, revoltingly, including the Union Jack) by drunken revelers at various Australia Day events and gatherings.

Not surprisingly this brutal nationalism often dredges up the vile prejudice of speciesism as well. Take this regular Australia Day horse racing event tha...
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Cycle of violence takes life of warrior wombat

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Tuesday, April 6, 2010,
Fellow travellers, Nature has struck another blow for justice against an evil enemy. But sadly, the brave wombat who did Gaia's righteous bidding has been felled with an axe wielded by an appalling white peenie-waver!

The wombat was totally justified in attacking the man, who was clearly violating his territory. (As we all know, wombats have deep spiritual connections with their land.) So the butchery that ensued was doubly appalling.

But of course the media - being so human-centric - always ta...
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I am divine, but not in an elitist way

Derek Sapphire
Derek Sapphire

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