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Our ABC besmirched: Accusations of bias in Q&A Twitter feed

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Tuesday, March 29, 2011,
Fellow travellers, one of the most appalling trends in mainstream media discourse lately is this increasing perception that the ABC is somehow biased to the left. This is just completely false, and only a revolting right-wing reactionary would say such a thing.

The vile accusers making this offensive claim seem to be particularly fixated on Q&A for some reason. They say the show is guilty of bias in several ways, including the selection of guests. But haven't you noticed, they actually have c...
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Brilliant Gretel Killeen on Q&A brings hope to the ABC

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Tuesday, March 1, 2011,
Fellow travellers, like many of you I tend not to watch the ABC as much as I used to. It seems to have become so much more conservative lately. It all started with the appointment of that revolting Janet Albrechtsen to the board a while ago. I mean, can't we just have a purge of reactionaries and right-wingers so that balance can be restored to our ABC?

One show in which this appalling bias is always depressingly clear is Q&A. The producers are quite brazen about it. They have people like Mira...
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Julia violated in Photoshop of horrors!

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Thursday, July 29, 2010,
In what is perhaps the most appalling example of media bias so far in this election campaign, the appalling right wing peenie wavers at the Daily Telegraph have depicted our Julia as an old biddy.

It's as sexist as it is ageist.

And these reactionaries have the gall to say that the ABC tilts to the left!

Appalling. Just appalling.

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Conservative "cave man" conspiracy!

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Friday, November 6, 2009,
Fellow travellers, I'm sure that you are all sick and tired of climate change deniers insisting that those determined to stop the impending global catastrophe actually want to take humanity "back to the Stone Age" and "make us all cavemen". This is a contemptible and utterly false accusation! (But even if it weren't, what would be wrong with living more in harmony with nature, like our distant ancestors did?)

In any case, the many reich-wingers in the media and politics never miss a chance to ...
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I am divine, but not in an elitist way

Derek Sapphire
Derek Sapphire

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