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Alene Composta "suicide" faked by bloggers who killed her

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Thursday, March 24, 2011,
Fellow travellers, I'm sure many of you know of the final post on Alene Composta's blog. It appears not to have been written by Alene herself, but by her two sons. And from their writings we learn that Ms Composta had actually killed herself.

Well, some may say that this completely disproves my theory that she was a real person who was murdered by eeevil right wing bloggers who resurrected her online identity for their own abominable purposes.

I must admit that this latest revelation did flum...
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I doubt Alene Composta committed suicide. But was she murdered?

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Wednesday, March 16, 2011,
Fellow travellers, as you well know, I was deeply distressed recently over what seemed like the premature expiration of Alene Composta's blog. I was very worried that she had been so distraught over the cyber-bullying she had endured that she had actually killed herself.

I myself have been subject to vicious abuse, both online and off, and I know how soul destroying it can be. Without the knowledge that I have so much love still to give the world, and so much attitudinal reconstruction yet to...
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Julian Assange, Lee Harvey Oswald, and "Jack Ruby-style" CIA killings

Posted by Derek Sapphire on Friday, December 24, 2010,
Fellow travellers, I am now starting to fear for the life of the great Julian Assange! The reason? Because he holds these fears himself. And since he is a man synonymous with the Cold Hard Truth, we must take these concerns very seriously indeed.

Speaking to the Guardian, Assange said that if he were extradited to AmeriKKKa there's a good chance he'd be killed "Jack Ruby-style". This quote confused me at first, because we all know Jack Ruby as a killer, not a murder victim. Was Assange implyi...
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I am divine, but not in an elitist way

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Derek Sapphire

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