In his usual swaggering manner the execrable Tim Blair compares fellow traveller Stephan Lewandowsky to Alene Composta, whom the good professor quite understandably took to be a real person.

Now, what's really depressing about Stephan's piece at The Drum is that it clearly shows that he too has now adopted the dominant narrative on Alene: That she was a blogging sockpuppet created with the sole and malicious intention of embarrassing the ABC. (Jonathon Holmes is another progressive duped by this diabolical deceit, BTW.)

But as I have established with my searing, relentless and paradigm busting detective work Alene was actually a real person who was murdered by right-wing bloggers and whose identity was then used as a sockpuppet for that despicable purpose.

Do you know how frustrating this is? It's almost unbearably galling when you know the dark and sinister truth about something of immense importance to humanity yet absolutely everyone, even your allies, has swallowed whole a massive lie!

After reading his latest piece I did think of sending Stephan a supportive e-mail explaining that his original assessment of Alene was actually accurate, and not to worry about those horrible cyber-bullies. But I suspect that having been viciously bitten by a sockpuppet he might conclude that I am also some sort of fictional construction and simply delete the e-mail. Knowing that this is how I have already been described on Crikey, this is a distinct possibility. So I have decided against doing so.

And this is terribly sad, fellow travellers. We are both climate change awareness crusaders. We both dearly want to stabilize the Earth's temperature by attitudinally reconstructing Australia's population. Think of the good we could do if we joined forces!

But because of all this recent right-wing propaganda, and the terrible fear and mistrust it sews in the souls of those who know The Truth, no such thing will happen. Vicious right-wing bloggers killed Alene, and by doing so they are also killing our beautiful dream for a clean, sustainable future for all humanity (as well as plants and animals).

This is a classic case of "divide and conquer". The denialists are winning, fellow travellers. They are winning.

Gaia help us. Gaia help us all!