Fellow travellers, as we all know, Gaia is constantly telling humanity how angry She is with us. Yet, so often we just don't get it. (Well, we get it, of course. But the rest of humanity - that is, The Great Unloofahed - sure don't!)

And here's a perfect example: During a news broadcast in Melbourne, the camera that captures the city skyline projected behind the newsreader was attacked by a seagull. Because of its proximity to the lens, it looked like a giant, monstrous creature.

Gaia's intentions could not have been clearer! It's obvious She was saying that the media were still not communicating the seriousness of the threat posed by global warming. But did the journalist who wrote this story see anything other than a random, bizarre event? Obviously not.

It's so ironic isn't it, fellow travellers, that rabid right-wingers are forever claiming that the mainstream media is doing the bidding of environmentalists, when they are clearly just as Gaia-phobic as the right-wingers are!

Appalling. Just appalling.