Fellow travellers, I found this story about a market stall being banned from the Rockingham local markets to be very heartening. While we can't be sure of exactly what the reason was, it was quite probably due to a strong sense of cultural sensitivity. The stall sold "bogan paraphernalia" after all.

The appalling sub-human redneck who flogs the vile merchandise whinged about the ban.

"If I was selling porn and bongs I'd expect them to say they don't want me there, but this is stickers and stubby-holders, aprons and some balloons."

I know just the kind of garbage: supposedly humorous little items with "dinkum Aussie" jokes, along with degrading pictures of "sheilas", kangaroos, wombats, boomerangs and such.

Oh yes, people say they are benign, but we know what they really mean, don't we fellow travellers? Yes, they are benign in the way that blonde jokes are benign! They are benign in the way that Crocodile Dundee was benign! In reality, they are the sinister tools of the evil, peenie-waving racist patriarchs; the means by which they oppress women, Muslims and other minorities - not to mention indigenous flora and fauna.

I'll bet some of these items even had the Australian flag emblazoned on them. And that, as we all know, is a symbol even more odious than the Nazi swastika!

And he wonders why there was a problem. Can you believe the insensitivity? Well, it may be news to this right wing, reactionary, in-bred white trash yokel bogan redneck who obviously voted for Tony Abbott, but we've had enough of his flagrant hate mongering. And thankfully, so has the Rotary Club of Palm beach, which runs the markets.

To them I say: well done. I might actually ring HREOC and nominate you for a human rights award.

Yes, they have made a wonderful start in that dreadful suburb of Rockingham. They have gotten rid of the some of the bogan paraphernalia. Hopefully, they will next get rid of some actual bogans. (And I mean that in a loving way.)