Fellow travellers, as we all know, birds are often mocked for their alleged stupidity. Take that appalling insult "bird brain", for example.  

(Notice also that women are often called birds, implying that they too are bird-brained. Yet more evidence that speciesism and sexism are almost invariably intertwined!)

But where does this offensive stereotype of cognitively challenged birds actually come from? The sick minds of appalling peenie wavers, that's where! There is no evidence for it. It's just blind avian-phobic prejudice.

The reality is very different. Birds are often highly intelligent. Take pigeons, for instance, who outperform humans on a well known puzzle called the Monty Hall Dilemma.

The main reason that they do so seems to be that we humans "over-think the problem". So pigeons, being more in touch with their feelings, get consistently superior results. (Perhaps that's also why they can always find their way home without a GPS!)

I think we have something to learn from this, don't you? Perhaps if we were a little more "bird-brained" as a species, we might not have so many problems. We might also live much more in harmony with the planet, just as our feathered fellow travellers do.