Sassy sister Cate Blanchett recently, and quite movingly, said of her activism on the issue of climate change: ''I can't look my children in the face if I'm not trying to do something in my small way and to urge other people."

I applaud such courage and conviction. But for me, the sense of urgency is even more immediate. If I were not waging a (peaceful) war against the denialists and alerting the world to their appalling lies then I wouldn't be a able to look Gaia Herself in the face (and I commune with Her daily).

That is why I often visit the right-wing hate blogs. Although it is a deeply unpleasant, often nauseating task, it must be done. Quite simply the very fate of the planet is at stake!

On a recent visit to one of these noxious online fonts of ignorance and bile I learned some rather revealing information about one Professor Bob Carter. Now, this "scientist" (who, unlike our much beloved Professor Tim Flannery is not a climate scientist) has been quite visible (and audible) in the media of late. He has appeared spouting his Gaia-phobic, pro-Earth-rape propaganda on The Bolt Report as well as being interviewed by the abominable Alan Jones on the execrable 2GB.

The very fact that he has already soiled himself with such unsavoury associations would be enough for any rational, compassionate person to ignore completely everything he says about climate change - actually, I'm amazed he is still allowed to continue walking the streets, let alone spout his vile nonsense. But that's "democracy" for you, hmm? - but he's even gone one step further in recent months.

You see back in April he gave one of his highly emotive, evidence free rants as a guest of the Sydney Mining Club. Money changed hands, no doubt!

Now, as well as denying the facts about climate change the denialists are also always denying the link between their vile propaganda and powerful business interests. "Cite some actual evidence," they brazenly demand of us.

Well, here it is: Bob Carter promoting his Big Lies at the behest of Big Carbon. If this doesn't convince you of how unscrupulous these people are, nothing will.