Fellow travellers, reactionary right-wingers often claim that the mainstream media are completely dominated by liberals, environmentalists and left-wingers. But as is usually the case, the exact opposite is true.

Take this report about the impending demise of the McMansion in Perth due to fluctuations in the property market. The possibility that these immense, carbon-spewing excrescences have finally had their day in this city is seen as a bad thing. Can you believe it?

The piece is full of negative terminology. Here's a sample: "death ... bad... depressed... danger... gloom... worst spell... sluggish... ".

Only people who have been completely indoctrinated by the eeevil cult of planet-plundering capitalism could have such a twisted view.

But for those of us with a deeper, more spiritual approach to life, who eschew materialism and worship Gaia, words and phrases like "joy, fantastic, ecstasy, wonderful" and "about bloody time!" come to mind.

Still, it must be remembered that while this development is heartening, it is just a start. You know what would be the real dairy-free icing on the organic banana cake? If the bottom dropped out of the plasma television market as well!

If those huge, tasteless things disappeared, well that really would be heaven for me (but not in a Christian way, of course).