Fellow travellers, one thing that we on the green left have to constantly put up with is this vile accusation that we don't care about the economy. Nothing could be further from the truth!

In the latest example of this the appalling Andrew Landeryou verbals the visionary Greens Leader in a pathetic attempt to confirm this accusation. Citing a recent interview on the 7:30 Report he takes just one small quote of Bob Brown's and implies that it's an admission that the Greens are economically irresponsible:

Let me say this again: economists and business want the certainty of knowing where we’re going with carbon pricing policy. Tony Abbott is the wrecker. It’s a strange inversion where the Greens are being economically responsible and Tony Abbott, from the conservative side, is the irresponsible force for uncertainty into the future.

It only looks like an "own goal" if you take it on face value, and don't take into account the visionary brilliance of Bob and his party. You see, the Greens and their supporters are way ahead of all the "experts" on economic matters. We know that the current economic paradigm is unsustainable. Capitalism as we know it will destroy the planet. And you can't even have an economy without a planet to put it on now can you? Therefore Greens' policies are the ultimate in economic responsibility. By ending capitalism as we know it and introducing a new planet-loving paradigm we are saving the economy, by definition.

In this interview, Bob was just trying to speak on the same primitive level as his interviewer, and therefore the electorate, that's all. As I have just established, they are the ones whose belief system about the economy is the exact inverse of the truth. So, in a way, he actually said the opposite of what he meant to.

Ultimately, Brown's deep compassion for the people of Australia, retarded though they are, is what has given enemies such as Landeryou this ammunition. It really is quite unfortunate.