It's a given that conservatives are eeevil, hateful bigots who desperately want to hurt the planet. But sometimes they cloak their sinister intentions in "rational" arguments.

Take this appalling screed by Terry McCrann, one of Rupert's rotties, in which he claims the proposed carbon tax is akin to a suicide pledge. While at first blush it may seem like a logical take on Julia Gillard's bold promise and its consequences for our nation, there is much vile prejudice and falsehood at work underneath. So, let's unpack some parts of it and see what we find ...

First, McCrann rehashes that appalling lie that Gillard lied. Soon after that, he makes this prediction about how China will fuel its growing economy for years to come:

Indeed, China for all its claimed commitment to aggressive world leadership in alternative energy, plans to get most of its electricity from coal-fired power. Not just today, but tomorrow and, indeed, the day after tomorrow.

Over the next 10 years, it plans to install net new capacity of coal-fired power equal to 10 times our entire power generation sector.

Excuse me Terry, but how do you know this? They've said they want to use alternative energy, so why not take them at their word, hmm? Is it because you're a white male and you don't trust them? Yes, I think it is.

Not content to racially stereotype that entire nation, he then makes similar accusations about India, South Korea, Japan. Can you see a certain pattern here, fellow travellers? Because I sure can. 

But it gets worse:

So what is Gillard "saying" with her two taxes? That we should feed the Chinese and Indian carbon addiction? We should profit from the destruction of the planet? Literally, in the case of the government's tax revenues?

Can you believe the malice and the dishonesty? Fancy accusing Julia Gillard of endorsing Earth-rape! No viler insinuation could possibly be made.

The truth is that Gillard and Co have taken policy into the realm of the surreal. She and her cabinet have moved beyond incoherence.

Well, you know, thanks a lot for using that sexist stereotype, Terry! It's not like Julia has had to put up with this kind of misogyny before, you know. Oh no, not at all.

His conclusion:

Gillard's attack on the so-called carbon economy is not just designed to hurt every Australian. Permanently. It is effectively a national suicide pledge. From the nation's leader. Incredible. Surreal. All-too real.

This is so mean-spirited I almost can't believe it. If anybody cares about Australians, it's Julia Gillard. And to say that she'll destroy the nation's economy for no good reason is just the worst kind of hyperbole. In fact I'd say it's: Incredible. Surreal. (But sadly) all-too real.

But let's just say he's right (which of course he isn't). Maybe a suicide pledge isn't such a bad thing after all ...

If our economy is wrecked by this, Australians will start having to reassess their consumerist lifestyles. They'll start living less materialistic, more deeply spiritual lives. With more free time on their hands they'll start to appreciate nature more. What's not to like?

But you know what the best thing would be about Australia committing economic suicide? Gaia would realize that we are serious about reconciliation with Her. She really needs to know that the paradigm has truly, permanently changed, and this would confirm beyond any shadow of a doubt that it had. And achieving that, fellow travellers, would surely make it all worthwhile.