Why am I not surprised that the appalling Andrew Bolt is still beating his denialist drum against respected scientists fighting valiantly to save the planet from catastrophic climate change? Now he's attacking sassy sister Anna-Maria Arabia. And he's doing so with even more vitriol than usual. Perhaps it's got something to do with his obvious Islamophobia. Her surname just too much to bear is it Andrew, hmm? Hmm?

While there's probably some submerged racism in his latest bit of hate speech, it definitely contains some pretty overt sexism. He has the sheer gall to say that because Ms Arabia (a woman) is not as qualified as Professor Richard Lindzen (a man) she should "pull her head in and apologize".

Why do you find women so threatening Andrew? Hmm?

And anyway, what kind of a man is this Lindzen character? Well, he might seem to be a respected scientist. But don't let all those qualifications fool you. As we on the left have long known, anyone who doubts the science on climate change is clearly in the pocket of Big Carbon or Big Oil. Lindzen is obviously just another of these corrupted (and corrupting) characters.

Which is why we would expect the likes of Bolt to defend him, wouldn't we? The climate change denialists are all beneficiaries of the Big Lies propagated by Big Business at the Big End of Town, after all. The only reason Bolt himself got his TV gig was because of the appalling Gina Rinehart, herself the captain of an industry that shamelessly practices Earth-rape on a grand scale! (For all the information you will ever need on her, fellow travellers, watch this searingly insightful video.)

Really, the whole thing is quite appalling. Just appalling.