The appalling Kyle Sandilands has declared war on beloved Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, claiming that she is trying to destroy the city's nightlife with her anti-capitalist policies. Note the various forms of hate speech in his on air rant about Ms Moore.

''I'll get rid of that woman, you watch. Eighty-year-old woman trying to run the town. Go to the retirement village, you old clown,'' Sandilands said on his program.

As well as the obvious sexism, note the appalling ageism in this disturbing remark. Every one of Sydney's senior citizens should take that as a personal insult - with the exception of those ancient peenie-waving RSL types, of course. Frankly, it would be a relief if Sandilands were to subvert his dominant paradigm and spit some of his ageist bile at them instead. We've had enough of those racist old codgers, after all!

And Sandilands should also be condemned for his description of Ms Moore as a clown. Street performers add colour, movement, and entertainment to the Sydney CBD. Think how lifeless the place would be without them! The performing arts community should be deeply and collectively offended by such appalling insults.

Then there is the "Nanna State" website, which has been built by venue owners to drum up resistance to the Moore agenda. The bigotry is on open display again.

The sassy and sartorially elegant Ms Moore is depicted in the most inaccurate and unflattering way. And this time she is portrayed as a witch. This offensive characterization reveals deep and long held wicca-phobic sentiment; sentiment that has a shameful history in Australia in particular and the western world in general. I mean, millions of witches were burned at the stake in the Middle Ages and there has never been an official apology.

Considering the herstorical context I believe the prejudice shown in the Nanna State website is actionable. Local wiccans, like the street entertainers mentioned above, should be shielded from such hate speech. Actually, I think that Sydney's clowns and witches should join forces and start a class action against vile Kyle and his mates in the "hospitality" industry! I'm sure there would be many human rights lawyers more than happy to assist.

Finally, note the vines choking the Centrepoint Tower in the website image. The phallic, thrusting commercial building is being strangled by the green, wiccan woman. The pathological, patriarchal anxiety of the campaign's creators could not be more clear.

Actually, in a strange and completely unintended way it's an accurate depiction of the conflict. Male, Gaia-phobic culture is being overrun by nature-nurturing, neo-pagan feminism. Only it's presented as if it's a bad thing.

Appalling. Just appalling.