Fellow travellers, I am now starting to fear for the life of the great Julian Assange! The reason? Because he holds these fears himself. And since he is a man synonymous with the Cold Hard Truth, we must take these concerns very seriously indeed.

Speaking to the Guardian, Assange said that if he were extradited to AmeriKKKa there's a good chance he'd be killed "Jack Ruby-style". This quote confused me at first, because we all know Jack Ruby as a killer, not a murder victim. Was Assange implying that Jack Ruby was murdered too? "Does Julian Assange know something I don't?", I found myself muttering.

Then the realization struck me: Of course he does! He is the very definition, is he not, of the man who knows what the world does not! And being a hero of freedom and openness, he wants everyone else to know it as well. Which is why the eeevil CIA wants him dead, of course.

So, some quick Googling revealed that Mr Ruby did indeed die in prison, and only a few short years after he was incarcerated. The cause is listed as lung cancer. But knowing how diabolical the CIA are, they could easily have faked this diagnosis, or even brought on a real, lethal form of the disease. And it would make perfect sense that they would do this. He was the final loose end in their audacious plan to assassinate JFK, after all, so he had to be removed too.

So was Assange, the great teller of truth, expressing two things simultaneously with this little phrase? As well as expressing fears for his own safety, was he also hinting at future leaks that would shed further light on the CIA's assassination of JFK, and their subsequent elimination of all the main actors? Assange has already hinted at explosive revelations regarding contact with UFOs, so it's not unreasonable to hope for such a thing.

Well, only time will tell, fellow travellers ...

That said, I do think there is a strong possibility that Julian was saying that the killing he feared so much would be in the manner of the one carried out by Jack Ruby. So he was actually likening himself to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Like many of you, fellow travellers, I have seen the great Oliver Stone's movie JFK. One thing that came through very clearly in that brilliant expose of the military-industrial complex's murder of that nation's only peace-loving president was how the perpetrators used people so ruthlessly, Lee Harvey Oswald among them.

Clearly those same CIA conspiracists are at it again. But now, instead of framing troubled young ex-servicemen for presidential assassination and manipulating Dallas nightclub owners into killing them, they have pressured young Swedish feminists into making bogus claims of sexual crime.

I know that many of those on the right will scoff at this searing analysis. To these people I say: When, just as he predicted, Julian Assange is murdered in front of the world's media while being frog-marched into Gitmo - or falls mysteriously ill with lung cancer while locked up inside that obscene hell-hole - well, I'm sure you won't be laughing then.