Fellow travellers, here in Perth, Western Australia we have already had some unseasonally hot days. And there are more to come. Next week several days of 40-degree heat are predicted.

Now, how can you still have your doubts about anthropogenic global warming when such a strong trend is in evidence?

But of course the redneck climate change denialists have their doubts, don't they! Because Heathrow has been shut down for days due to the cold, and there have been similar conditions in America, they think that evidence is on their side. Where's the warming there, they whine?

Well, that's because it's winter in those countries. Snow and ice are to be expected! Also, remember that the planet is a self-regulating system. Gaia attempts to compensate for the overall temperature increase, and perhaps overdoes it a little. This explains why there are even some local record extremes of cold weather.

Yet the overwhelming global trend remains clear. Still, the ice caps melt and still the polar bears drown! And still, simple-minded conservatives can't see past their own prejudice.

But it's so like them to be like that, isn't it? Those sad reactionaries are the very definition of prejudice.

Take the paradigm of race, for example. As we all know, conservatives are all racist (except the non-white ones, of course). They are racist because they say that people are individuals first.

And they would say that, wouldn't they? They can afford to see people as individuals because they can afford to be individuals. Why? Because they are all white (except when they're not).

It's the same with climate change, really. Only we on the progressive left can see the truth of global warming because only we are not prejudiced.

It was ever thus, and it will always be this way. It's just an irrefutable fact of life.