Fellow travellers, as you well know, I was deeply distressed recently over what seemed like the premature expiration of Alene Composta's blog. I was very worried that she had been so distraught over the cyber-bullying she had endured that she had actually killed herself.

I myself have been subject to vicious abuse, both online and off, and I know how soul destroying it can be. Without the knowledge that I have so much love still to give the world, and so much attitudinal reconstruction yet to achieve, I might also have succumbed to the dark whisperings of Thanatos and ended it all!

However I have just learned that she has now returned to blogging. My immediate reaction was one of great joy and relief. But after further consideration I did find this development a little suspicious ...

Yesterday, the 15th of March, she managed to create 3 whole blog posts. Now, considering her clearly delicate emotional state of only a week ago, it does seem like an inordinately energetic burst of activity. Now, she has spoken of her battles with agorophobia. So perhaps she also suffers from manic depression, and has just suffered a "turn"?

Still, she seems remarkably robust - even vengeful - in her most recent posts. I get the impression that whoever is writing them now is a different person. She is also turning viciously on the left, which seems remarkably out of character.

Forgive the use of a speciesist phrase, but I smell a rat. Something dark and sinister has happened here. We know that conservatives are capable of the most heinously amoral acts. Framing Osama bin Laden and al Qaida for 9/11 is but one of countless examples.

Could it be that poor Ms Composta was murdered by right-wingers, who have now resurrected her identity online with the intention of using her as a tool to mock progressives? If so, it would be deeply depressing. It would also be highly ironic, considering the rumours she was a sock-puppet almost from the beginning. (Actually, I think that's where they got the idea to carry out such a diabolical plan.)

Fellow travellers, I desperately hope this is not the case. But knowing the hateful hearts of our enemies as well as I do, I am filled with fear that it is.

UPDATE: Here are some more thoughts on this terrifying possibility.