Fellow travellers, one thing that I find extremely annoying about appalling right-wing peenie-waving climate change denialists is how they constantly bleat about how there's "no actual evidence" for global warming, and that it's "all just a theory" about what's "going to happen in the future" based on "dodgy computer models".

Yet time and again there is irrefutable evidence of a catastrophically warming planet right before their very eyes! Take this fire in Gooseberry Hill on the outskirts of Perth, for example.

Just as the appalling John HoWARd and his carbon-spewing, women-exploiting, ultra-capitalist policies were directly responsible for the extremely high temperatures that ultimately caused the Black Saturday Bushfires - and not the excessive build up of ground fuel due to green policies, as the conservatives so offensively claimed! - our local politicians' callous indifference to the plight of Gaia has brought about this smaller, but still shocking, conflagration. Premier Colin Barnett, let this fire be on your head!

And although the Goddess is livid (and she certainly has a right to be!) she has shown much restraint in her reaction, making sure that no actual damage occurred to properties near the fire.

Once more, She warns us. Once more, She is ignored ... Oh, when will huMANity come to its senses?

It just makes me sooo angry fellow travellers (but not in a vengeful way, or course). No, being as positive and life affirming as I am, I have managed to turn this deep emotional turmoil into great art. Yes, it has inspired me to write this searing haiku, which I share with you now:

Flames lick suburban Perth, nearly gobbling
Carbon catastrophe averted?
No: state of indifference

How could you not be moved by that, fellow travellers? It's certainly a masterpiece (and I don't mean that in a sexist way).

I think I will send it to Mr Barnett. If it doesn't jolt him to a shuddering, tearful epiphany that makes him shut down all coal, gas and oil production in Western Australia immediately, I'd be very surprised.