Fellow travellers, upon reading this article about a lizard that was recently discovered in the Philippines I was deeply appalled. You see, this close relative of the Komodo Dragon actually possesses two penises!

What on (Mother) Earth could Gaia be saying with this! As we all know Nature is kind and loving - the very antithesis of phallocentric patriachalism.

I was tempted to stop reading the article because I found it so disturbing. But bravely I struggled on in the hope that perhaps there might be more information to allay my fears. And sure enough there was:

Unlike the fearsome Dragon, it is not a carnivore, nor does it feast on rotting meat. Instead, it is entirely peaceable and tucks into fruit.

So there it is, fellow travellers. She is sending a wise message yet again. And that message is aimed specifically at young males who are being brainwashed by the appalling culture of white, Western machismo! Heed not this paradigm, sage Gaia counsels, for you are actually twice the man if you are a vegan pacifist.

I hope and pray She succeeds in Her noble quest.