Fellow travellers, I almost feel guilty about opining on the significance of the earthquake in Japan. I mean, it has only just happened, there has been much destruction of the environment, and the body count is rising rapidly. Humans also have been heavily affected.

But opine I must, and immediately! The reason: vile, opportunistic right-wingers have wasted no time in exploiting this terrible event to further their own anti-green agenda.

Completely. Utterly. Disgraceful.

It's also deeply ironic, for I know for a fact that in the past Gaia Herself has been so angered by the words of the two News Ltd hacks mentioned above, and many like them, that She has rained destruction upon the Earth in sheer frustration, smiting humans hither and thither. Sadly, some of those killed were not conservatives. Remember those stormy seas off Christmas Island late last year that resulted in this terrible event? That was one such case.

Andrew Bolt, you have blood on your hands.

With their abominable journalistic record in mind, it was with interest that I read this contribution to yesterday's post from commenter Concerned Citizen. Referring to the earthquake in Japan he wrote:

Is it, as so many are saying, a sign of global warming, or of Gaia's wrath with climate-h8ers? Does it have anything to do with the way male chauvinist pigs like Andrew Dolt and Timmeh Bleh and millions like them around the world completely ignored last week's International Women's Day?

Now, considering the chronological proximity, I had even pondered this possibility myself. And such sexist indifference to this empowering event from such a pair of swaggering patriarchs would seem to be just cause for such enraged plate shifting. Gaia is the ultimate ecofeminist, after all ...

But like the many brilliant climate scientists now working selflessly around the clock to save the planet, I had to know for certain. Now, they consult their searingly accurate climate models to divine the truth. But I go one better and "chew the fat" with the Earth Goddess Herself.

So an hour or two ago, during my daily cleansing by herbal enema, I asked Her about the possibility of a feisty feminist motivation behind the recent events in Japan.

Surprisingly there was none.

You want to know the real reason? It goes back several decades. (She certainly knows how to hold a grudge, our Gaia.) You see, She's still angry about AmeriKKKan meddling in Japan after World War Two. Right-wingers of course see this is a great and visionary act of generosity that ultimately led to the nation becoming an economic powerhouse. But because Her precious creations have been appallingly assaulted by yet another resource-devouring capitalist economy as a result, Gaia sees it very differently. That's why She decided to offer this stern rebuke by way of tsunami.

Now, considering what Gaia's capable of, and Her legitimate grievances, I think the Japanese got off quite lightly, don't you? And it has been quite a salutary lesson, has it not? Also, it certainly goes to show that Gaia works in mysterious ways. So mysterious that She can even keep advanced souls such as myself guessing.

She really is extraordinary, isn't She? Just extraordinary.